Meet the Orientation Team

Orientation Leader Group Photo 2019

Meet our amazing Summer Orientation Leaders!

Stephanie Farris, Orientation Leader
Stephanie Farris
Major: Communications
Fun Fact: She was the first person in CA to be allergic to the Swine Flu shot
Skyler Yocham
Major: Human Development
Fun Fact: She has paddle boarded in the Gulf of Mexico
Shayna Godfrey, Orientation Leader
Shayna Godfrey
Major: Psychology
Fun Fact: She met and hung out with Dylan and Cole Sprouse for a day
Savanna Gould, Orientation Leader
Savanna Gould
Major: Theater Arts and Early Childhood Studies
Fun Fact: She can have conversations in ASL
Pricilla Guerra, Orientation Leader
Pricilla Guerra
Major: Women and Gender Studies
Fun Fact: She got to speak at the 2018 National Women's March in Sacramento
Nicole Rivera, Orientation Leader
Nicole Rivera
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: She has a dog names Quesadilla
Mikayla Rivera, Orientation Leader
Mikayla Rivera
Major: Sociology
Fun Fact: She is double joined in her elbows
Mel McCann, Orientation Leader
Mel McCann
Major: Business
Fun Fact: She was born on Friday the 13th
Madi Hayes, Orientation Leader
Madi Hayes
Major: Marine Biology & ENSP
Fun Fact: When she was 9, her dad dared her to eat a raw onion for her first cell phone (and she did it!)
Lana Harris, Orientation Leader
Lana Harris
Major: Psychology and WGS
Fun Fact: She has a pet bearded dragon named Zuko